When the need for rapid prototype models developed in a recent phase of a project in which I am involved, the request for quotations were emailed to six suppliers located via the Internet.

My first, and ultimately, best response came from Mark Moler with TECH, INC. Not only did he quote us the best price per unit and deliver the parts in the time period required, but also amazed us with the fine detail possible with the resolution of the equipment they use.

I would recommend their services to any engineering development department in need of rapid prototypes.

Steve Kelley
Corning Incorporated

TECH, INC. has consistently provided exceptional quality, expedient delivery, and competitively priced stereolithography models for 3M Austin Rapid Prototyping. We are extremely delighted with the overall performance of TECH, INC. Thank you for the great service TECH provides.

Joe J. Rosales & Michael Hutchison
3M Austin Center

We use the SLA process to create functional models of intricate parts. This allows us to iterate the design before investing in a molded part. The savings in time and confidence level easily pays for the process. TECH, Inc. has become an integral partner in our development process and time-to-market efforts.

Steve S. Eckerd, Mechanical Designer
Seagate Technology