TECH, INC.'s Rapid Prototyping Center's goal is to provide you with superior Rapid Prototyping services. We manufacture conceptual models and prototypes using rapid prototyping technologies which allow our customers to make educated decisions based on tangible facts instead of speculations and assumptions. These processes turn a 3-D solid CAD or surfaced model into a plastic part in a matter of hours or days without machining, tooling, or molding! This process allows you to make changes and improvements before spending a lot of time and money for tooling changes.

TECH, INC. also offers secondary tooling process for limited "production" quantities.

Our rapid prototyping services include:
  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
    • How Does it Work?
    • Applications
      • Create visual models
      • Tooling for injection molding
      • Reproduce complex designs and geometries
      • Test parts under extreme conditions
      • Shorten time to market
      • Efficiently producing small quantities of testable plastic parts
      • Custom molders create complex tooling inserts