Tech, Inc. creates manual wet benches, in addition to automated process systems that combine chemical process cells and material management. These machines are critical to the solar, semiconductor equipment, and other industries which rely on meticulously clean environments. Tech, Inc. is also capable of manufacturing support equipment, such as:

  • Work stations
  • Tanks
  • Tool sets and
  • Fixtures.

These machines can be designed to remove imperfections and contaminations on semiconductor equipment which can render a chip useless or less effective. Semiconductor equipment functionality, dependability, and product yield are directly related to surface contaminants. Tech, Inc. has designed machines to assist you in this cleaning process for a variety of industries and applications, spanning from sinks to acid etch processes to high-temperature clean air-drying equipment.


TECH, INC. Launches Cruizer Production
The Cruizer provides a clean recirculating liquid environment for a variety of products and processes. It is designed to accommodate silicon wafers up to 300mm, multiple cassettes of solar wafers, quartzware, or other process tools. The Cruizer can rinse, hold, wash and transport products.

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